Webcab Probability And Stat For Delphi


Icons and Glyphs for Delphi  v.2012

Let your software and Web projects look great!

TDBF component for Delphi and BCB  v.691

TDBF is a native data access component for Delphi, BCB, Kylix, FreePascal.


Client/Server Comm Lib for Delphi  v.6.3

TCP/IP and UDP sockets client/server component for Delphi to communicate across a network. Allows multiple servers and clients simultaneously. Create proxy, chat, file transfer, HTTP, SMTP, POP3, FTP and DNS client programs. Royalty free.

VSTO Support for Delphi Prism Wizard

Develop VSTO-based COM add-ins for MS Office using Delphi Prism exactly in the same way as you do it using VB.NET and C#. The VSTO Support for Delphi Prism Wizard gives you an opportunity to benefit from all advanced features of VSTO, including its

Devart IBDAC for Delphi 7  v.4.0.2

InterBase Data Access Components (IBDAC) is a library of non-visual components for Delphi, Delphi for .NET, C Builder, and Lazarus (Free Pascal) that provides access to InterBase, Firebird and Yaffil database servers.

InfoPower Studio 2011 for Delphi XE  v.8.0.2

InfoPower Studio is the most popular and useful component suite for building database front-ends for Delphi and C Builder.

VssConneXion for Delphi  v.3.0

VssConneXion for Delphi provides an integration between Delphi and Visual SourceSafe. VssConneXion allows you to quickly browse through the changes made to a file.

Rxlib for Delphi  v.2 75

Rx-Lib is a complete set of components for Borland Delphi and C Builder that allow you to build flexible and robust user interfaces and best of all they are totally free. NOTE: This project is in maintenance mode and no longer actively developed.

JamDTA Component for Delphi  v.4.0

TJamDTA is a component for Delphi and C++ Builder that allows you to build DTA / DTAUS files that contain standardized information about money tranfers (wire transfers) between German

QR-Code Font and Encoder for Windows

IDAutomation's QR-Code barcode Font and Encoder for Windows enables printing of two dimensional QR-Code barcodes from Windows with TrueType, PostScript or PCL laserjet soft fonts. Includes Word, Access, Crystal Reports and VB examples with COM and .NET

Undelete Recover and Rescue for FAT  v.1.0

URR(Undelete Recover and Rescue) for FAT is a tool to recover deleted files (after shift+del or emptying RECYCLER) on FAT16/FAT32 partitions.

MAPILab Find and Replace for Excel  v.1. 2. 2001

MAPILab Find and Replace for Excel is an advanced and extended version of the 'Find and Replace' function for processing data in Microsoft Excel.

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